Environmental Air Monitoring Services

Air Tech E.C.S. is a premier provider of risk assessment services including air monitoring services, noise risk assessments, legionella risk assessments and more for different UK industries and businesses. We are an independent health and safety consultancy firm identifying work and health hazards for various organisations.

We believe that workplace safety and worker’s health should be among the highest priorities of any organisation. We can help you promote a safe and healthy working environment by offering a number of occupational hygiene services and solutions to existing problems.

We understand that a hazard-free and healthy environment is vital for businesses to gain optimum results from their team. This inspires us to provide for the unique requirements of businesses from various industries. As well as offering a full spectrum of workplace screening and analysis services, we also provide effective solutions most appropriate for your needs and requirements.

A Note From Our Director

I’d like to invite you to expect the best from us. I don’t just mean in terms of the minimum expectation you should have of us – providing you with an outstanding client experience and the highest quality of service you can find in our industry. I can personally assure you, for my team and I, that’s a given. What I’m specifically referring to is the often overlooked but most important aspects that make all the difference in business relationships.

For us, that’s:-

  • being easy to work with
  • having the flexibility to work around your requirements and operational needs.
  • providing consistently high quality air monitoring services
  • having highly skilled employees with long-term employment histories who pride themselves on developing an outstanding relationships with you and your team.
  • while expert trade knowledge in the team is a minimum standard, what’s rare in our industry is the skills to understand the unique needs of our clients, and to proactively address service needs before they become operationally problematic and costly to address.
  • providing a consistent quality of service in every aspect of our engagement with you – this is demonstrable by the fact that we delight 100% of our clients rather than simply satisfy them.

Our business has been very successful despite the challenges of the economy because of the core values we instil in everyone at Air Tech E.C.S. We don’t just say these things, we live them, and I’m personally excited to have the opportunity of bringing our outstanding client experience to you.