Vibration Testing

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The Control of Vibration at Work Regulations (2005) ensures that the level of daily vibration exposure to employees does not exceed a specified amount. It is ascertained according to the magnitude and duration of vibration exposure.

The threat of vibratory injury is a serious one that needs prompt action. Unattended, these sources may lead to serious repetitive stress injuries requiring continued hospital care. This poses a significant cost to business and individual employee resources.

An increasing amount of workplaces are in danger of violating the vibration hazard safety regulations. Ensuring compliance requires stringent assessments which Air Tech excels in. Risks pertaining to whole body vibration (WBV) are evaluated as well as hand and arm vibration (HAV) whilst ensuring minimal impact on your day to day business.

As well as providing accurate assessments we also provide cost effective solutions and measures should they be necessary.

What Causes Hand Arm Vibration Issues

The most common things that can cause hand arm vibration issues are pneumatic and electric tools that require consistent physical contact from individuals. Symptoms that can arise from consistent and high magnitude use includes vibration white finger (VWF) known more commonly as dead finger syndrome. As a secondary form of Raynaud’s Syndrome VWF is a serious medical issue.

What Causes Whole Whole Body Vibration Issues

Constant, repetitive whole body vibration that carries on for years may result in severe back ailments, especially when taken in conjunction with bad back posture and continued heavy lifting. Operating heavy-duty industrial vehicles as part of company operations, for a long period, can result in minor to major spinal conditions. These illnesses are very detrimental to the quality of life and can even cause death if not quickly attended to or, at the very least prevented.

Prevention & Vibration Management Methods

Symptoms arising from excessive hand arm vibration can be prevented without having a significant impact on labour time by implementing carefully considered control measures.

The control measures utilised are dependant on a range of issues such as workplace environment, labour requirements and tools used. The solutions commonly used are dampening tools, best practice training and modifying workplace practises.

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