Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Testing Services

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Well-designed local exhaust ventilation (LEV) systems can greatly reduce employee exposure to hazardous airborne substances such as welding fumes, metalworking fluids, paint sprays and wood dust.

However, the performance of a LEV system can deteriorate over time. To ensure they continue to protect workers effectively, they must be thoroughly examined and tested at regular intervals by a competent person in accordance with the COSHH regulations.

Our consultants hold BOHS’s nationally recognised qualification in the Commissioning and Thorough Examination & Testing of LEV Systems (P601), and have experience of testing a wide variety of systems in all kinds of industries. With Air Tech E.C.S. you get a high level of competence without the high price tag.

As part of our LEV system testing consultation process, we test your local exhaust ventilation systems in line with the HSE’s guidance HSG258: “Controlling airborne contaminants at work: a guide to LEV”. A detailed report is then compiled, with advice on how well the LEV systems are performing and what you can do to ensure they continue to offer workers maximum protection. Where relevant, we also offer tailored suggestions for further reducing employee exposure to hazardous substances.

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