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Legionella Risk Assessment & Monitoring Services

Legionnaire’s disease is a preventable potentially fatal form of pneumonia associated with cooling towers and hot and cold water systems.

Air Tech undertake domestic water system surveys which deem if the system is low, medium or high risk for Legionella survival and proliferation and for exposure to Legionella under the current operating conditions.

There have been several high profile outbreaks of Legionnaires’ disease in recent years, and most people are now aware that exposure to the legionella bacterium is dangerous and potentially fatal. How can you be certain that your company won’t be the next to hit the headlines?

Good risk management is the key. If you have wet cooling systems such as Cooling Towers, or hot and cold domestic systems where there is a chance of aerosol production such as showers, then there will always be a risk of someone contracting Legionnaires’ disease. But by implementing some simple control measures and performing regular testing, the risk can be greatly reduced.

Air Tech E.C.S. has extensive experience in testing and performing risk assessments for water systems in all kinds of environments, from hospitals and schools to chemical plants and factories. The risk assessments are detailed and comprehensive, containing a full site description, potential high risk areas, a recommended testing regime and a fully maintained logbook. All testing adheres to the recommendations of the Legionella Control Association.

Our helpful consultants offer tailored advice on what can be done to reduce the risks to your employees and the public. By following all the recommendations, you will get the peace of mind of knowing that your company is conforming to the approved code of practice known as L8.

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