Momentary exposure to noise is endurable. But if it’s continuous and loud, it’s a total annoyance especially when you’re working. This is extremely disturbing, and it may impact your productivity, focus, and even your health.

Noise pollution is a common problem for some companies. Those unwanted and loud sounds coming from heavy machineries pose a huge threat to all employees who are exposed to them.

Don’t just disregard this issue. Find out what you can do by reading this short post.

Knowing the root cause

It’s a given. As our world becomes more developed, the level of noise inside different workplaces increases. What you can do is to know the cause for better assessment. Faulty equipment and poor materials, for instance, are often the main source of excessive noise. If you can replace or dispose them right away, then you can keep decibel limits down as soon as possible.

Minimising the noise

Sometimes, your efforts aren’t enough to eliminate that disturbing noise. So why suffer from the outside noise when you can create an internal sound that helps? Soundproofing your room and playing soothing music can help lessen the excessive noise. It can also boost your mood, energise you while working, and calm your body, making you more productive and composed at work.

Performing administrative controls

Administrative methods can also be effective when reducing excessive noises. Placing a carpet or installing soundproof materials can help minimise levels. You can also relocate your equipment into areas of the workplace that are less occupied.

Leaving the work to Air Tech

We can conduct noise risk assessments if the noise is starting to affect the health of the internal employees. Our experienced and qualified consultants use industry-standard technology to measure the level of noise present in your workplace. Backed by years of experience, we can offer tailored advice on how to minimise noise levels and protect your workplace.

Excessive exposure to high noise levels can lead to stress, tinnitus, and even loss of hearing. Call Air Tech on 01562 888 108 as soon as you start hearing excessive noise levels. We can perform a combination of personal dose monitoring and static area measurements to make sure we can minimise or eliminate annoying noise levels.