Air Tech Environmental Consultancy Services is an independent health and safety consultancy specialising in undertaking risk assessments for a wide variety of workplace hazards.

Our company aims to provide comprehensive occupational hygiene service. From initial assessments to monitoring and surveys, our team of experts can identify the current problems in your workplace. Through this, we can identify which solutions you need to maintain a hazard-free working environment. We aim to provide services tailored to our clients’ needs, providing clear, pragmatic and cost effective advice to enable risks to be appropriately managed and controlled.

Air Tech Environmental Consultancy is not just your go to consultants for screening and analysis. We provide real solutions to real problems related to the health and safety of employees. Our company understands that the workers are the fuel that keeps operations going. Focusing on what affects their health and overall performance helps businesses stay on top of their game.

Prevention is still better than cure, as our services aim to avoid the increase of absences due to sickness. We can keep your workplace suitable for work without bearing any future or long term effects on your employees’ health. Through our solutions, you can keep your employees satisfied with the working conditions.

We operate a Quality Management System that has gained BS EN ISO 9001:2008 certification in order to maintain our high levels of service. With this, you are sure your workplace is receiving only the highest standard in health and safety consultancy.